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Dancing Routines

All types of dancing routines

The Technique Jazz dance is a blend of different dancing styles, namely ballet. Footwork is essential and requires great leg and foot strength in order to pull it off. If you observe a performer of the art, you will see their moves influenced by the grace and beauty of known styles, like ballet, hip-hop, acro, and contemporary dance moves. Then they close out the steps by simply closing their feet together, wherein the leader simply brings his right foot together with his left, and the follower does the same, bringing her left foot together with her right. Types Of Waltz There are actually a lot of different kinds of Waltz dances. You have slow versions of the Waltz called the Slow Waltz, and you also have faster versions of it, such as the Viennese Waltz. Although this particular dance style is more popular in Latin America, it is also gaining more and more popularity here in the United States, especially with the ballroom dancing community. If you don t know much about this particular form or style of dance, then just continue on reading this article. It is therefore important to properly plan each routine, practice them thoroughly, and have self-discipline to ensure that each aspect of the routine are executed precisely. Beginning At the start, the energy level of the members are still high so you can expect a lot of high energy movements and dance routines. However, dancers are free to come up with their own unique maneuvers to impress the judges and win the prize. International Competition The World Dance Council was once called International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD) that regulates dancesport competition around the globe. The council was formed in 1950 in Edinburgh with affiliate sponsors including Ballroom Dancers Federation that helps regulate these competitions in various sectors in an international level. You should also keep your knees bent for most of the time that you are dancing Tango, however, a few exceptions can be made, depending on the routine. Basic Tango Posture There are basically two types of postures when dancing, which are basically either a closed dance position or an open dance position. 

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