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Dancing Routines

All types of dancing routines

There is also a ritual attached to the ceremonial dances that require the performers to wear new clothes, or paint themselves with bright yellow, red, and black colors. Meanwhile, the music is produced through cultural instruments thakil and udukku. Mahasivarathri: This is an annual festival observed by the Hindus that involve lots of ceremonial dances as a way to commemorate the death of Lord Shiva in an effort to save the world of destruction. Step to the right, then bring your feet together, then step to the left, then bring your feet together again. This is practically the most basic steps that you can make when dancing Disco. Advance Disco Dancing Once you have the most basic Disco dancing pattern, you can now proceed to dancing more complicated dance moves. Ballet Training In classical ballet, there are over seven different training styles that classical ballet dancers could go through, the most common of the training styles being the Vaganova method, Royal Ballet School method, Balanchine Method, Cecchetti method, and the Royal Academy of Dance method. Gypsies who were known to dance the Flamenco during their social gathers, mostly in secret, does not know when or where the dance came from -- only that it was passed on from generation to generation. Music According to research of renowned historians and dance critics, the Flamenco started off as an impromptu dance following a steady beat -- mostly staccato clapping of the audience. These were all made possible by the dedication and hard work by the different breaking, locking and popping dance groups and crews that influenced Hip Hop dance as we know it today. There are actually three different Hip Hop styles of dance that a person can do, and they are breaking, locking and popping. Lindy Hop, places its emphasis on upright body position with active lower body movement. Footwork of this dance routine borrows some of the more commonplace techniques found in Charleston and Tap dancing. The steps use 6 and 8 counts for the rhythm and put an emphasis on the leader and weight changes during the routine. 

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