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Best TikTok Dance Compilation of January 2020 | TikTok Memes

Dancing Routines

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Stepdancing Stepdancing is the modern form of Irish social dancing classified as a performance dance. The rapid leg movements and rigid upper body stance is made popular by the "Riverdance" performance back in 1994. Today, stepdancing is not only limited to performance and shows but is also popular in dance competitions composed for both small and large groups. You need to provide a full range of motion on your belly, hips, and legs. The broomstick skirt is the most ideal clothing for belly dancing with the top edge preferably pulled down to your hips instead of waist. This will then bring focus to what your hips are doing such that you can execute each move properly. In most cases, the musics are remixed to fit in these breaks to allow more emphasis on the maneuvers. There are 5 moves incorporated into this modern dance routine, namely: 1. Toprock - steps performed while standing; 2. Downrock - emphasis of feet and body movements on the floor. This is often termed as footwork or floorwork; 3. Many believed it was designed for rebellion that used dance as a disguise. However, proponents to this dance form insist that it merely follows a combative art form and incorporates dance elements that reference to historical events and ideas. In fact, capoeira is not alone as a dance form that signify combative traditions. The time signature that the slip jig uses is actually 9/8 time, although the dance is performed with a music that has basically similar number of bars to a light jig. This form of jig is considered by some as the ballet of jigs as the dancers often perform this dance while they are high up on their toes. These drums were normally used during sacred rituals, hence the name mambo, which literally means conversation with the Gods. History The mambo dance style is a Cuban or Latin dance style that is directly associated with mambo music, which was created by Cachao and was popularized in the United States by the different Jazz musicians that were playing in different casinos back in the 1930 s. 

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