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Can't Stop Dancing - Becky G / Mina Myoung Choreography

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The Lindy Hop, which is another, more popular form of swing dance style, is a much smoother dance style as compared to Savoy Swing. East Coast Swing is a 6 count version of the Lindy Hop, and is popular among dance schools. Whip is a form of swing dance that involves the leader spinning the follower to move him or her to another dance position. Focus the workout on your hip circle, or your rib cage area since this is where you will need the most amount of flexibility from. Regular Practice This should be an obvious bit of tip for newcomers to belly dancing. Do not be content with instructions in your dancing class or those you get from video instructions. This dance is a popular routine back in the 1920s, along the time when jazz music is the latest craze. Being a member of the Swing family, we can safely say that Lindy Hop originated as one of the branches of African American dance culture. History The history of Lindy Hop can be broken down into three stages -- the peak of the Swing era from 1920 to 1940, its evolution in 1950, and its revival in the 1980s. Some of the most basic technical areas to consider include techniques, dance moves, skill level, consistency, synchronization, and creativity. However, a cheer dance routine consists more than just the dancing elements since it also combines cheer or chants, tumbling, stunts, and pyramids. It is therefore important to properly plan each routine, practice them thoroughly, and have self-discipline to ensure that each aspect of the routine are executed precisely. Although it does not have a specific, well-defined technique that would differentiate it from classical ballet, it does take certain techniques from classical ballet, such as the pointework, and combines it with the fewer restrictions of body movement and range of motion that modern dance styles offer. However, there are times that the dancer is required to pause or hold a position. The 4/4 beat is then followed by a quick-quick-slow movement, all in sync with the music. Modern Mambo The modern mambo is considered by some as the creation of the New York music and dance scene, especially since some New York dancers added their own flair to the clave of the mambo dance pattern by incorporating steps form jazz, swing and tap into the routine. 

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