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After that, the leader then steps to the right using his right foot, and the follower simply follows the leader and steps her left foot in the same direction. Then, they both simply close their feet together, with the leader bringing his left foot together with his right, and the follower bringing her right foot together with her left. The single jigs considered to be the least common among the jig dances because it uses a not so common time signature, which is 12/8 at times, while normally it uses 6/8. This is so because this type of jig follows a musical pattern of a eighth note following a quarter note. Slip Jig The slip jigs is considered to be a bit longer than the light jig because it uses a longer time signature than the light jig. Just make sure that you do it along with the beat in order to avoid looking foolish. What You Should Wear No matter how fun Disco dancing is, you still need to be able to dance comfortably, which is why you need to make sure that you wear the right type of clothing for dancing Disco. Simply choose a pair of shoes that you can dance in, and clothes that you can move in. The very first dancesport competition was held in 1909, the first team of ballroom dancing competition in 1932, and became a live TV broadcast in 1960. Due to the insistence of the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF), the International Olympic Committee recognized dancesport as a sports activity in 1997 and included in their roll of sports competition though not all Olympic games have this in their main event. Salsa music is actually based the Clave rhythm that is used by the African percussions that are used in most Salsa music. An example of African percussions is the conga drum, which is very common in most Salsa music. Salsa Dance Styles There are actually a lot of different Salsa dance styles, each one characterized by the locality where the dance style was developed. There are actually a lot of different music that influenced the different styles, such as traditional jazz music for Charleston, swing music for the Lindy Hop, and Pop, R&B, Funk or Blues are used for West Coast Swing. Swing Competition There are basically four formats for swing competitions. With the classic format of competition, a couple would dance for a previously choreographed song, but with restrictions and limitations to their drops, lifts and moves. 

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