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All these different Tango dance styles are danced using different types of music, such as Tango Electronico, Vals, Milonga, Alternative Tango, and simply Tango. Ballroom Style Tango One of the more popular styles of Tango dance is called Ballroom Tango. It is actually divided into two different styles, namely, the English or International Tango dance style and the European Tango dance style. The single jigs considered to be the least common among the jig dances because it uses a not so common time signature, which is 12/8 at times, while normally it uses 6/8. This is so because this type of jig follows a musical pattern of a eighth note following a quarter note. Slip Jig The slip jigs is considered to be a bit longer than the light jig because it uses a longer time signature than the light jig. This particular movement would create a smooth motion that follows the rhythmic pattern of the music. The basic mambo dance is translated in music using the time of 4/4. However, there are times that the dancer is required to pause or hold a position. The 4/4 beat is then followed by a quick-quick-slow movement, all in sync with the music. And since this is just the introduction to the entire routine, high intensity performance right off the bat is also a great way to capture the audience's attention. Middle Once you have grabbed the audience's attention, it is now time to move into the 'gist' of your performance the cheers and dance. If you can, minimize or totally avoid doing stunts here, or else it will become overkill. It wasn't long until its influences became felt across Afro-Brazilian generations, particularly in various Brazilian regions like Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, and Bahia. Performs of capoeira form a circle wherein each performer take turns in either ritually sparring, playing an instrument, or singing. Style Of Modern Ballet For those people who do not know much about modern ballet, it is actually a form of dance that traces its roots on influences made by both classical ballet and modern dance styles. Although it does not have a specific, well-defined technique that would differentiate it from classical ballet, it does take certain techniques from classical ballet, such as the pointework, and combines it with the fewer restrictions of body movement and range of motion that modern dance styles offer. 

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