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Dancing Routines

All types of dancing routines

Despite its lack of accurate historical background, tap dancing has been in the limelight of many performance and events in the early 1900's. From 1930 to 1950, tap has made it into broadway shows, movie flicks, and even television series that is quite popular even today. In most cases, experts agree that tap is a blend of cultures as dancers spread the art to different countries around the globe. Performing this form of dance requires you to not drag or shuffle your feet, but rather, you need to strike the floor with your feet fairly quickly, sometimes referred to as staccato. However, you can drag or shuffle your feet during the final slow count. You should also keep your knees bent for most of the time that you are dancing Tango, however, a few exceptions can be made, depending on the routine. This type of partner dancing is only done for social dancing with significant demographic disproportion amongst the two sexes. Hence, this was quite common during the years of war wherein there is not enough women in the army, or the civilians only had women as dancers. It was not until during the 1980s though that double partner dances was officially acknowledged as a type of partner dancing. Classical Ballet Considered by many as one of the most formal styles of ballet, classical ballet uses certain techniques and features that is unique to this form of dance style alone. People who wants to learn this type of dance usually start at an early age, mainly because younger people are more flexible, hence, are easier to train for this type of dance style. By definition, choreography is the process of designing various form and movements of the human body -- much like a person teaching you new body motions through their own unique experience. Dance choreography has a more specific scope -- integrating new and unique dancing techniques and maneuvers through the inclusion of set dancing styles today. Today, people train in various ballroom dancing techniques to join dancesport competitions as social events, sports activity, or even in the Olympics. Social Dancing Or Competition? Many classify dancesport as a type of social dancing, though this is mostly a misconception since dancers all flock to the dance floor and show off their techniques. 

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