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LAGI SYANTIK DANCE IN PUBLIC by Natya & Rendy | Choreo by Natya Shina

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But if you are busy, one or two days per week should suffice. Wear Appropriate Clothing Unlike other dance forms, belly dancing actually requires performers to use appropriate attire to allow freedom of movement around the hips and lower body. Instinctively, wearing jeans and loose shirts is not allowed. Although normally, Salsa is performed with a partner, a person can actually dance Salsa as a solo. Others even perform line dancing to Salsa music and Salsa dance style, while others dance Rueda de Casino, wherein a big group of people would dance in a circle and exchange partners during the dance, so you don t necessarily keep a single or particular partner all throughout the dance. The trend started in the streets of New York -- a way for kids and teenagers to show off their "cool moves" with the inclusion of music. It was observed that this form of modern dance is a combination of athletic moves and dance maneuvers -- with emphasis on extreme "power moves" with "freezes" during breaks in the music. There are several other similar styles of dance that include the same approach and elements such as Martinique's danyme and Cuba's mani, to name a few. These dance styles are characterized by dance moves in mock-combat form and are often performed with music. Development as a Sport Due to the above interpretations that pointed to Capoeira as a dance that resembled the idea of rebellion, it was temporarily banned in Brazil and anyone caught performing this dance was punished by law. Asian Ceremonial Dancing There is a distinct correlation between drama, music, dance, and culture in majority of Asia. Hence, costumes and particular dance movements hold a sacred cultural importance, often depicting historical events, legends, mythology, and deep ceremonial activities and worship. Each performance of ceremonial dance could last for several hours, depending on the event being portrayed or the particular cultural event being commemorated. If you are coming up with a cheerdancing routine, this is where you need to choreograph the tumbling elements. You must also assign your best stunt performers and tumblers in the front for a clean execution. And since this is just the introduction to the entire routine, high intensity performance right off the bat is also a great way to capture the audience's attention. 

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