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One reason for that is that many believe belly dance can help tone your abdominal muscles, enabling one to achieve the right shape of abs and body contour. Regardless of your reason for performing belly dance, it is important to ease your way into mastering this particular dance art to ensure that you can enjoy each performance. Notable performers often term themselves as "b-boy" or "b-girl" and the dance itself is named as "breaking" Break And Dance Breakdancing got its name from the "breaks" in the music where performers put a halt on their extreme dance moves to show off. In most cases, the musics are remixed to fit in these breaks to allow more emphasis on the maneuvers. Performs of capoeira form a circle wherein each performer take turns in either ritually sparring, playing an instrument, or singing. Each sparring comes with fluid transition of sweep, kicks, acrobatic play, feints, and headbutts. Other techniques that are not used as often as the ones mentioned above, but are also allowed, include slaps, body throws, elbow strikes, or punches. Here are some of the Kerala festivals that involve various types of ceremonial dances: Onam: This is a popular festival in Kerala that is observed with much gaiety and fervor, typically held between August and September. There are a lot of dancing involved that represent religious harmony amongst various families. In most cases, improvisation is mostly determined by the personal interpretation of the instructor or the dancers itself. Planned choreography is purely the work of the choreographer. Movements and scores are all directed by the instructors without any need for personal interpretation from dancers. Passion In The Art The success of dance choreographers in coming up with highly unique and quality dance routines is devoted to their passion in the art of dancing. It is therefore important to properly plan each routine, practice them thoroughly, and have self-discipline to ensure that each aspect of the routine are executed precisely. Beginning At the start, the energy level of the members are still high so you can expect a lot of high energy movements and dance routines. 

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