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Dancing Routines

All types of dancing routines

One of the more popular dance styles is the Lindy Hop, which was one of the very first swing dance styles discovered. Now, you have a myriad of different swing dance styles. Styles Of Swing The evolution of swing dance and swing dance music has opened new doors for new dance style to be developed. One of the earlier dance styles of swing is the Savoy Swing, which is a casual-looking style of swing dance that employs a fast and jumpy action. History Of Hip Hop Dance Hip Hop dance made its mark early in the 1900 s when it became a part of the Hip Hop culture, more specifically when people living in the Bronx, New York, began dancing it on the streets, especially when professional Hip Hop dance crews and groups began to form and compete against one another. Hence, you must not aim solely for a creative routine, but a polished one. Use proper counting system for sharp movements and synchronization. Take note of even the tiniest details as foot positioning, jumps, kicks, arm extensions, angles, and the like, to create more impression. And finally, time your routines properly and limit each dance move or stunt to no more than two minutes at one time for smooth transition. All these different Tango dance styles are danced using different types of music, such as Tango Electronico, Vals, Milonga, Alternative Tango, and simply Tango. Ballroom Style Tango One of the more popular styles of Tango dance is called Ballroom Tango. It is actually divided into two different styles, namely, the English or International Tango dance style and the European Tango dance style. Then they close out the steps by simply closing their feet together, wherein the leader simply brings his right foot together with his left, and the follower does the same, bringing her left foot together with her right. Types Of Waltz There are actually a lot of different kinds of Waltz dances. You have slow versions of the Waltz called the Slow Waltz, and you also have faster versions of it, such as the Viennese Waltz. Classical Ballet Style Classical ballet is known for putting a lot of emphasis on execution and method of how the dancer moves. They can appear as if they are defying the laws of gravity wherein they create a perception that they are flying on stage as they dance. They may even give the illusion that they are hovering. 

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