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Tones And I - Dance Monkey (Lyrics)

Dancing Routines

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History Of Hip Hop Dance Hip Hop dance made its mark early in the 1900 s when it became a part of the Hip Hop culture, more specifically when people living in the Bronx, New York, began dancing it on the streets, especially when professional Hip Hop dance crews and groups began to form and compete against one another. The more traditional solo social dance is called the Sean-nos Irish Dancing. This is well-known for its close-to-ground footwork following a slow tempo unlike stepdancing, as well as free arm movement and battering steps following accented music. The Sean-nos Irish Dance is mostly done solo, but can also be free-styled to include partners or small groups without any physical contact between dancers. In-depth study of this style has broken down its routines into a combination of Charleston, breakaway, hop, and Texas Tommy. Around the 1930's, Lindy Hop is at the peak of its popularity. This dance routine is quite popular in the many bars and dancing studios in various cities in the United States. However, it later stagnated when dancing was strongly disapproved due to the heavy tax sanction against bars and dancing halls. It is mostly punctuated with highly energetic moves, swings, and leaps that can easily catch and enthrall the audience in rapt attention -- moves similar to that of a ballet dancer but with more energetic movements. History Of Jazz Dancing Jazz dancing started its roots in 1950 that stems off from the popular jazz music during that time. Each light jig step can actually vary with each dance school and with each teacher, but there are certain standard steps or movements that can be used in almost all forms of light jigs, and that step is referred to as the rise and grind, or rising step. What you do to perform this step is basically place your weight on your first foot, then raise your second foot off the floor, once you have done this, you simply perform two hops on your first foot, or on the foot that is still on the ground. Waltz People who dance ballroom is very familiar with the dance style referred to as a Waltz . In most ballroom competitions, this form of dance is actually pretty popular, and is performed along with other dance styles. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know much about Waltz aside from the fact that ballroom dancers perform this style of dance. 

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