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Dancing Routines

All types of dancing routines

Ceremonial Dances Enriching Cultural And Religious History Most people view dancing as a sacred act, especially among those cultures that perform ceremonial dances with religious and cultural importance. Indeed, they are still practiced even during today's modern times to enrich one's culture and history. This dance routine is performed mostly in private and public social events, dance competitions, and other dance performances. The maneuver can be done solo or with a partner. Techniques Considering that Lindy Hop is part of the Swing family, many of its moves can be found in other dance styles popular today. You must set aside a time each day wherein you can practice whatever new moves you have learned and slowly gain mastery. Ideally, you should set aside at least an hour each day. But if you are busy, one or two days per week should suffice. Wear Appropriate Clothing Unlike other dance forms, belly dancing actually requires performers to use appropriate attire to allow freedom of movement around the hips and lower body. And since this is just the introduction to the entire routine, high intensity performance right off the bat is also a great way to capture the audience's attention. Middle Once you have grabbed the audience's attention, it is now time to move into the 'gist' of your performance the cheers and dance. If you can, minimize or totally avoid doing stunts here, or else it will become overkill. When performing square dance, there is a caller nearby that calls out instructions to the dancers through the microphone to ensure cooperation amongst all dancers. Thus, the dancers on the floor has to perform whatever dance moves, spins, steps, and turns that is being called out by the instructor. History and Evolution This dance form has a long history that dates back to the 17th century, wherein it evolved from a different dance style known as quadrille. Benefits Of Tango Research has shown that Tango, more specifically Argentine Tango, is able to help heal certain neurological diseases, one in particular is Parkinson s disease. Certain Tango movements, such as turning, moving at various speeds, dynamic balance, walking backwards and initiating movements, are all relevant in improving your balance, memory, heart health, as well as assist in losing some weight. 

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