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Tones and I: Dance Monkey (U.S. TV Debut)

Dancing Routines

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The strong foundation of their body has made it possible for African dancers to produce more complicated feats that their hierarchs often find impossible. Emphasis of this dance on the body involves from the waste up -- including bending and strong upper body movements with support of the lower. Dance Genres The African American vernacular dance has included different dancing styles depending on the current gusto and trend of the local culture. It was observed that this form of modern dance is a combination of athletic moves and dance maneuvers -- with emphasis on extreme "power moves" with "freezes" during breaks in the music. The trend started with the Latinos and Black youths in Bronx, but was later performed by the general populace and eventually in the international level. A swing dance style that is used for competitions in the United States is referred to as the Jive. These are just some of the different styles of swing dance. There are actually a whole lot more. Swing Music Most of the development in different swing dance styles can be attributed to the different trends and influences in popular music. This dance is rooted deeply in the cultures of Spain, though it is mostly centered in Andalusia, yet included in almost every social event in both European and Spanish countries today. This type of dance is closely followed by the rhythm and tempo of a guitar and the staccato clapping of the audience. In truth, there is no fixed style in jazz dancing. The moves are based on the person's interpretation of the music. It is mostly punctuated with highly energetic moves, swings, and leaps that can easily catch and enthrall the audience in rapt attention -- moves similar to that of a ballet dancer but with more energetic movements. Hence, partner dances have become an integral core of this art form and might even have deep spiritual, cultural, or social meaning, depending on which particular part of the world it originated. In the case of partner dancing, two individuals perform coordinated dance choreography. However, there are some dance forms that require each partner to perform individually. 

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