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Hence, partner dances have become an integral core of this art form and might even have deep spiritual, cultural, or social meaning, depending on which particular part of the world it originated. In the case of partner dancing, two individuals perform coordinated dance choreography. However, there are some dance forms that require each partner to perform individually. Others even perform line dancing to Salsa music and Salsa dance style, while others dance Rueda de Casino, wherein a big group of people would dance in a circle and exchange partners during the dance, so you don t necessarily keep a single or particular partner all throughout the dance. Sometimes, Salsa can even be performed with a set routine, all depending on how they use the music and the dance style. Jazz clubs gave an opportunity for dancers to explore swing dance, and pretty soon, different styles of swing dance were created. One of the more popular dance styles is the Lindy Hop, which was one of the very first swing dance styles discovered. Now, you have a myriad of different swing dance styles. Taking Classes If you want to learn tap dancing then it is best if you take classes where instructors can fully supervise your movements. This dance routine might look simple at first, but the intricate footwork takes a lot of practice to master. In most cases, instructors would often start with warm-up exercises and stretching before moving on to basic tap movements for dancers to produce tapping sounds and avoid excess taps. This allows the dancer to execute pirouettes and turns while maintaining their balance. There are no fixed steps in a jazz dance. Performers are urged to utilize their creative and personal interpretation of the music to their forms. However, jazz dance choreographers always put their charges to undergo an intensive training to improve their overall leg power and balance to flawlessly execute their unique maneuvers. History Of Hip Hop Dance Hip Hop dance made its mark early in the 1900 s when it became a part of the Hip Hop culture, more specifically when people living in the Bronx, New York, began dancing it on the streets, especially when professional Hip Hop dance crews and groups began to form and compete against one another. 

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