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You can add a little bit of spin to the end of your dance pattern. Simply pick a side where you want to spin to, plant your lead foot on the floor, raise your heel, and simply turn your body. Lifting your heel ensures that you spin on the ball of your foot. Aside from that, you could also add a couple of hand gestures and hand movements along with your dance pattern. This dance routine is said to originate from the black community in Harlem, New Work back in the 1920s. In-depth study of this style has broken down its routines into a combination of Charleston, breakaway, hop, and Texas Tommy. Around the 1930's, Lindy Hop is at the peak of its popularity. This dance routine is quite popular in the many bars and dancing studios in various cities in the United States. History The Flamenco's history dates back to the Golden Age of the gypsies, though historians only found vague records in regards to where the dance actually came from. Studies show that the Flamenco is actually more into the category of music than a dance. The music, though its original composition was lost in history, are said to contain influences from Muslim and Christian cultures. It is mostly punctuated with highly energetic moves, swings, and leaps that can easily catch and enthrall the audience in rapt attention -- moves similar to that of a ballet dancer but with more energetic movements. History Of Jazz Dancing Jazz dancing started its roots in 1950 that stems off from the popular jazz music during that time. Hip-hop One of the most popular styles of dancing has always been hip hop dancing, especially with the more recent generations. And with a lot of movies dedicated to the hip hop dance culture, a lot of people are now beginning to gain interest in learning how to dance it. If you want to learn more about Hip Hip dance, then continue on reading this article. Concept of Leader and Follower Just like in a social setting, partner dances also incorporate roles into each participant. The man is often assigned as the leader , while the woman is the follower . These two individuals maintain a connection all throughout the dance, thus making it more of a social experience than just a simple act of dancing. 

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