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It is not only beginners that enroll into a square dance lesson, experienced square dancers also attend these classes with the hope of learning new techniques and enhancing their skill level. Enrolling into a Square Dance Lesson If you are interested in attending a square dance session, below are some tips on finding classes to enroll into. One of the more popular dance styles is the Lindy Hop, which was one of the very first swing dance styles discovered. Now, you have a myriad of different swing dance styles. Styles Of Swing The evolution of swing dance and swing dance music has opened new doors for new dance style to be developed. One of the earlier dance styles of swing is the Savoy Swing, which is a casual-looking style of swing dance that employs a fast and jumpy action. The intricate footwork of the Juba dance of Africa also influenced modern-day tap dancing; as well as the Spanish Flamenco. Despite its lack of accurate historical background, tap dancing has been in the limelight of many performance and events in the early 1900's. From 1930 to 1950, tap has made it into broadway shows, movie flicks, and even television series that is quite popular even today. It is actually divided into two different styles, namely, the English or International Tango dance style and the European Tango dance style. The English Tango dance style also evolved and created another style, which is the American Tango. Basically, English Tango more of a competitive style of dancing, while American Tango developed as a form of social dance that is more focused on the concept of leading and following skills of the dancers. Then, they both simply close their feet together, with the leader bringing his left foot together with his right, and the follower bringing her right foot together with her left. The leader then steps back using his right foot, and the follower simply steps forward with her left foot. After which, the leader then steps his left foot to the left, and the follower does the same with her right foot. Modern dance choreographers have utilized traditional styles with emphasis on African American dance routines to create unique and active maneuvers that is common in today's competitive dance floor. Learning To Dance There is no fixed style you have to learn if you want to try out African American dancing. 

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